Membership Conditions







  1. Definitions


The notions used in the Regulations mean:


1.1.  Own activity – monthly purchase of Empireo products with a point value of at least 20 points;


1.3.  Club Member– an adult natural person or an entity who has signed an agreement with EMPIREO on joining the Empireo Club and in the month of registration, s/he purchased any Starter package  of his/her choice with a specific pointvalue;

1.5.  Customer – a person who buys Empireo products at marketprices;

1.15.             Point indexing-   Empireo has the exclusive right   to change the point index  , which is  at the time of this publication is 1 point = 1 EUR.

2. Introduction


2.1.   EMPIREO distributes products intended for personal use by Club Members or for the further resale by these Members in orderto:

  1. increase material benefits and financial independence of Club Members participating in the expansion of the Club members network and achieving the greatestsuccesses,


2.2.   EMPIREO does not guarantee to Club Members any income, profits or successes and is not obliged to cover any costs related to business activities conducted by the Club Members, nor is it liable for the expenses incurred by the Member of the Club, including in particular travel costs, meals, accommodation or administrative costs,etc.


  1. acquire the rights to purchase Empireo products at preferential prices, as well as to participate in the Empireo Compensation Plan,
  1. cannot promise anyone specific profits or income, because each of them declares that they understand that they can achieve them only through individual work, own activity and commitment,
  2. can independently decide on the ways, methods and means of operation, as well as independently determine the time and place of their activity under the conditions set out in these Regulations and subject to itsprovisions,
  3. cannot distribute any information that may mislead third parties, as well as make declarations about EMPIREO products,

  1. are not proxies, agents, employees or representatives of the Empireo Club and/or EMPIREO and they are not entitled to make any statements on behalf of the above-mentioned entities, nor to incur any obligations on theirbehalf,
  2. they are not authorized to use any names, trademarks or other markings protected by law and owned by EMPIREO without receiving prior written consent from EMPIREO for their use in a specific place and time and in a determined field ofuse,
  3. they are independent; however, they act on the basis of these Regulations and applicable legal regulations.
    • The Regulations define the terms of operation of the Empireo Club, Websites available on the Internet, including in particular the conditions for Club Members to use the Club, their rights and obligations, and moreover, the rights and obligations of the owner of the Empireo Club.
    • The Member accepts all the provisions of the Regulations, undertakes to comply with all of them and acknowledges that registration in the Club and the use of it can only take place in accordance with the Regulations and applicable
    • If the User does not agree with the Regulations, s/he declares that s/he will not visit sites whose administrator is EMPIREO and will not purchase products offered by the Empireo Club.
    • The Regulations shall not preclude the obligations of the Club members resulting from other documents specifying the rights and duties of Club

3.  Personaldata


3.1.  While using the Websites, the User may be asked to provide some of their personal data, in particular by filling in the form. The data referred to above is in most cases the first name, family name, e-mail address, address / delivery address, ID number. Only data that is necessary for the Website to work and for the proper performance of the agreement by EMPIREO will be required. Failure to provide the required data will prevent the performance of the activity to which the data pertains.

4.  Publicly available personaldata


Personal data provided during sending opinions, comments, forum responses, as well as information placed on the subpages and subdomains belonging to the Empireo Club are available to all entities visiting sites that contain this data. EMPIREO informs that it is not practically possible to protect the User against natural or legal persons who may use the data, which is why they are not subject to these Regulations.

5. Ordering  products


A Member may purchase products in the EMPIREO assortment by placing an order and concluding a sale agreement in accordance with the Sales Regulations.


In the case of payments by means of electronic banking, the Club Member is taken over by the payment service. In this case, only the payment service system knows and is responsible for the data provided in its forms. Payment service forms are located on its server and are encrypted with appropriate technologies securing transactions.

6.  Dataadministrator


The personal data administrator is EMPIREO.


7.  Security


All forms, including in particular registering Club Members and orders that require full personal data of the Member, are protected by appropriate technologies against unauthorized access.

8.     Unannouncedmessages


9.     Cookie files(Cookies)


Some areas of websites belonging to the Club may use cookies, i.e. small text files sent to the Internet user's computer, identifying them in a way necessary to simplify the procedure of User recognition. Cookies are not harmful to the computer, its user or their data. The condition for the cookies to work is their acceptance by the browser and not removing them from the computer disk.

10.  Payment of commissions


10.1.  The commission is paid to the Club Member for each settlement period up to the 20th day of the month, following the ended Settlement Period. The commission is paid according to the criteria described in the current CompensationPlan.

The commission is paid on the basis of an invoice issued in accordance with the authorization granted by EMPIREO, on behalf of and for the benefit of a Club Member, in electronic form without his/her signature.



Club Members receive a commission in the currency of the country in which it was generated and in accordance with applicable legal and taxregulations.

11.  Types of commission


The types of commissions have been specified in the Compensation Plan.


EMPIREO assures the Club Members that the products distributed by it correspond to the official product specification. In the case of claims under the warranty for defects in the product in the period covered by the warranty and its recognition by the manufacturer as justified, EMPIREO will immediately replace the purchased products with products without defects. In the case of claims being filed after the expiry date indicated on the product and which has been delivered to the Member before that time, i.e. free from defects, it is not possible to replace it.

12.  ClubMembers


spouse, ancestor, descendent, siblings, relative by affinity in direct line or degree, persons remaining in the adoption relationship and his/her spouses, as well as persons in cohabitation.

13.  Assignment ofstatus


14.  Withdrawal from the Empireo Club


15.  Exclusion from the Empireo Club


15.1.  A member of the Club who grossly breaches the provisions of the Rules and Procedures, appropriate market practices or provisions of applicable law may be excluded from the Empireo Clubimmediately.

  1. makes retail and wholesale sales in stationary stores, auctions, via the Internet and using other means that are in conflict with the Direct Selling System, with the exception of Empireo Club Members who conduct business activity or have legal
  2. recruits Club Members for another entity operating on the market in the Word of Mouth Marketingindustry,
  3. speaks through the media about the Club and/or the Empireo products, without the required EMPIREO's writtenconsent,

  1. uses the Empireo logo type without a written permission in the fields of itsuse,


  1. publishes audio-video materials via the Internet, which are not authorized and accepted by EMPIREO, regarding the activities of the Club and Empireo products.
    • An important violation of EMPIREO's interests is also, among others, incitement or helping persons violating the provisions of the above-mentioned documents. Apart from other consequences, the excluded Member of the Club shall not be entitled to a commission for the period in which s/he committed violations. This person, as well as his/her relatives and close relatives, cannot join the Empireo Club earlier than within 12 months of exclusion and obtaining permission from
    • A member who has not made any monthly activity for a period of six months will automatically excluded from the Club Membership. S/he will be able to regain Club Membership status and full Club entitlements at any time after purchase with an appropriate point value.
  2. The Club Member’s failure of to comply with the provisions of the Rules and the Regulations shall mean a gross breach of the terms of the membership agreement in the Empireo Club and the possibility of its immediate termination by EMPIREO. In addition, EMPIREO reserves the right to claim compensation for damages pursued in

17.  Inheritance


In the event of the death of a Club Member, his/her current status is subject to inheritance law. The heirs will be entitled to all accumulated, unpaid commissions and future commissions under the condition of maintaining the criteria, which are the basis for receiving commissions, described in the Compensation Plan.

18.  Loss of the membership


In the event of termination of the contract, in particular on the basis of exclusion from the Empireo Club, the Club Member loses the place in the structure of the Empireo Club, all points accumulated and unused before exclusion and the right to claim any claims related to this.

19.  Participation in anotherentity


Club Members are not forbidden to cooperate with other entities providing their services on the market; however, a serious breach of EMPIREO's interests will be considered to sell directly or indirectly the products of another entity operating in the form of Word of Mouth Marketing among other Club Members and offering them cooperation. It is also forbidden to combine Empireo presentations with other presentations on the same day and to use the collected personal data of participants during these meetings for purposes other than gaining new persons for the Empireo Club. In exceptional circumstances, EMPIREO may express its consent in writing, after receiving a request from a Club Member informing about such an intention.

20.  Announcements, advertisingmaterials


20.1 A Club Member may use only official publications, leaflets, brochures, books, tapes, leaflets, websites published by EMPIREO and made available to Club Members. Such publications cannot be changed and cannot be used for purposes contrary to their purpose. Own information materials or announcements must be approved by EMPIREO each time. In addition, any change by the Member of the Club must always be accepted in writing by EMPIREO, which in particular prohibits the dissemination of false information about EMPIREO products. EMPIREO is not liable for actions and damages caused by the Club Members in connection with their non-compliance with the Rules and Procedures, including in particular violation of applicable law in connection with the use of advertising materials and announcements not previously approved byEMPIREO.

20.2. Submitting any statements in traditional and electronic media is prohibited without the prior written consent of EMPIREO. All legal liability and possible consequences of misleading the public, through unauthorized statements, publication, etc. without the required EMPIREO permission, shall be borne solely by the Club Member.

21.  Own domain, socialmedia


A member of the Club may run an individual website, for which content EMPIREO is not responsible. A member of the Club can fill in or modify the content of the site in his/her individual Member Panel.

may harm EMPIREO's business (including unauthorized audio or video materials on Facebook, YouTube, etc.), EMPIREO has the right to request immediate modification and/or removal of the content presented there and in the event of failure to comply with this and notorious repetition of a given violation, has the right to deprive the infringer of the status of a Club Member with all the consequences associated with it.

22.  Finalprovisions



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